Hey, my name is Josephin. I live with my two sister and my parents in Neu Fahrland. It´s a little village near Potsdam, Germany. I am 14 years old and I´m in class 9. Every day I attend our school “Einstein-Gymnasium Potsdam“. 

In my free time I play football and I have been playing piano since I was 6 years old. Sports is very important for me because it´s like an own lifestyle, I play football or do other activities every day in my life. But often I listen to music but sometimes I read a book, too.

I think I´m very friendly and polite. Furthermore I always help people in difficult situations and my friends are very important for me. Together with my best friend Michelle it´s always very crazy and we have a lot of fun all the time. She´s like my 3rd sister!