Tuesday our school day started at 8am. Mr. Roelandts gave us the assignment to pick up the delegations. We had to go to their hotel or youth hostel. There were 8 delegations in total: Belgium, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Turkey, Norway, Ireland and Germany. At 8.35am we boarded the bus to Alden Biesen. On the bus Sophie introduced the day’s schedule. After a 45-minute drive we arrived at Alden Biesen. Once we arrived we had some refreshments and coffee. Then Sheila Casey gave us an explanation of how she sees European identity. Afterwards we had a presentation on the evaluation of competences, skills in project work and informal learning by Guy Tilkin. After Guy Tilkin’s presentation we all had lunch together. After lunch there were two more speakers, the first one was …. who talked about an organisation that give  a special treatment for disabled students. Then Martina Giuliano informed us about Special Educational Needs teaching. Than we had a short break for another refreshment or coffee before we started our guided tour of the castle of Alden Biesen. We left at around 4pm to go to Maastricht. In Maastricht the teachers gave us 2 hours of free time to walk around the city and to get to know each other better. On the bus ride home we watched Belgium: The Movie and we arrived in Leuven at 8pm.